Missionary Society

The Missionary Society is comprised of six departments, they are: The Parent Body, The Young Adult Missionary Society, The Youth Missionary Society, The Buds of Promise Juvenile Missionary Society, The Bureau of Supply and The Life Members Council.

  1. The Parent Body Society: – Ms. Sonja L. Moffett, President.

All women (ages 41 and up) of the church may become members of the society by paying monthly dues. Any man (41 and up) may become an honorary member by paying an annual contribution and showing interest in the work but has no voting privilege.

Motto: “The World for Christ”

Colors: Purple and Gold.

Theme Hymn: “Lift Him Up”

  1. The Young Adult Missionary Society (YAMS) – Rev. Yolanda Kelley, Coordinator.

All women (ages 22-40) may become members by paying monthly dues.

Any man (22-40 yrs. of age) who pays an annual contribution and shows interest in the work (non-voting) may become an honorary member.

Motto: “With hearts and hands: we reach up to God for strength and direction, we reach out to love and touch others, we reach down to lift fallen humanity.”

Colors: Peach and Taupe.

Theme Song: “Our Promise, Praise and Petition”

  1. Secretary of Youth: – Mrs. Gladys Williams, Mrs. Jimmetta Gourdine, Asst. Secretary.

Any girl or young woman between the ages of 13-21 may become a member of either of the two groups of Y’s, Juniors (13-16) and Seniors (17-21). Any young boy or young man may become a non-voting honorary member by showing an interest in the program.

Motto: “Ambassadors for Christ”

Colors: Navy Blue and Gold

Watchword: “Christ for every Youth, Every Youth for Christ.”

Theme Song: “Give of your best to the Master”

Theme Hymn: “Take My Life and Let It Be”

  1. The Buds of Promise Juvenile Missionary Society: – Ms. Irene McKee, Superintendent of Buds.

Any child, girl or boy(honorary member) may become a member by attending meetings on a regular basis and actively participating in the programs suited for her or his age group level.

Motto: “Blooming all for Jesus”

Colors: Green and White

Theme Songs: “Blooming All for Jesus” “I Would Be True”

Group Levels: Readiness, ages 1-3,- Beginners, ages 4-6,-Primary, ages 7-9 and Juniors, ages 10-12.

  1. The Bureau of Supply: – Ms. Brenda Colvin, Secretary of Supply

Any member of the society may be a member of the Bureau of Supply if she/he supports the solicitation of funds, clothing, medical supplies, literature, food, etc. for use in designated areas Overseas and in the USA.

Motto: “Faith and Service”

Colors: Pink and White

Theme Song: “O Master Let Me Walk With Thee”

  1. The Life Members Council: – Mrs. Olivia Anderson-Johnson, Chairperson

Life members, Matrons and Patrons support the educational operations of the church(scholarships, leadership training, seminary and institutions of higher learning). Any woman or man of the local church, including children, who pays designated yearly dues, purchases a red($30.00) or purple ($100.00) stole and supports other programs of the society may become a member of the council.

Motto: “Each One, Make One”

Colors: Red and White

Theme Song: “Throw Out the Life Line”

Departmental Emblem: Tree of Hope

“For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.” Job 14:7

Missionary Benediction

“God be merciful unto us and bless us, and cause His face to shine upon us and give us peace.” Amen. (Psalm 67:1)

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